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Instructions for Patients Having a Tonsillectomy

  • Adequate fluid intake is essential after a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Please prepare by having lots of favorite drinks at home, and preferably non-carbonated clear liquids such as Gatorade or apple juice. Popsicles and Jello are also good ways to get plenty of fluid.
  • Please bring a favorite toy, book or radio with headphones for entertainment after surgery.
    The tonsillectomy patient will be required to stay 4-6 hours after surgery to ensure that fluids can be tolerated and pain is manageable.
  • Sore throat and not wanting to swallow are common after this procedure. It may also hurt to talk. Pain medication will be provided in recovery room and a written prescription for medication to be used at home. You may want to have Tylenol products at home. We also ask that you do not use aspirin for pain because it can cause bleeding.
  • Other medications may be prescribed by your physician. Follow the label instructions for each medication.
    The patient may be sent home with an ice collar to wear on the throat. This helps prevent pain and swelling.
  • It is normal to experience ear pain after surgery; this is usually most severe on the fourth to sixth day after surgery
  • Written discharge instructions from your doctor will be provided.
  • We will make a follow-up appointment prior to discharge home.
  • Quiet activity is encouraged for two weeks. 
  • Children may usually return to school in one week. Check with your doctor.
  • Children are usually asked not to participate in physical education classes for two weeks. Check with your doctor.

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